Are CBD Capsules Better Than CBD Edibles? – Know the Difference Between Them

When it comes to CBD Certificate of Analysis or also known as COA, it is proof that there are actually the suggested amounts of CBD extracts present in that particular product. However, not all products will get the COA and there are many criteria that must be met by a particular product before it passes all the lab tests.

COA is required for all the products that are prepared in such a way that they will be consumed internally or applied directly on the skin. The main aim here is to make sure that there will be no or minor side effects, once the product enters your body system or even when you apply it on your skin. CBD is also one of such supplements that is either consumed internally or applied externally.

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Let us find out how exactly does the Certificate of Analysis or also known as COA is issued to any product.

  • By Checking the Presence of Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins such as ergot alkaloids, ochratoxin A and aflatoxin can cause severe side effects or even the death of the host, when consumed, as they are highly poisonous. Before the issue of COA, the lab testing is done to make sure that the tested product does not contain these toxins.

  • Testing for the Presence of Heavy Metals

When lab testing is done on any supplement, it is to make sure that there is no presence of the dangerous heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, cadmium and lead present in it. Once the product tests negative for all these above mentioned chemicals, the scientists then look for the presence of some other heavy metals such as cobalt, iron, chromium, aluminum, copper and others, in the product. Once the product clears all the tests, it will be issued with COA.

  • Herbicides and Pesticides

It is quite familiar fact that the presence of pesticides and even herbicides in any eatable will cause severe damages to the internal organs of the human body. Hence, the scientists make sure that they check CBD supplements, for the presence of these chemicals, before issuing COA.

  • Residual Solvents

Most of the manufacturing companies of CBD supplements make use of some residual solvents to completely extract the compounds of cannabis plants. The commonly used solvents will be benzene or hexane.

During the extraction procedure, it is observed that some of the residual solvents will be dissolved along with the cannabis extract, which might become hazardous for the human body, if left neglected in the CBD oil preparation. Hence, the scientists conduct necessary tests on CBD products to check the presence of residual solvents, before issuing COA for any supplement.

COA, or also known as Certificate of Analysis, is like an assurance for the users of CBD supplements about the fact that the product is safe to consume. Hence, it is strictly suggested to look for COA before purchasing any CBD supplement.